Spatial Computing Vs. Volumetric Computing

Spatial Computing Vs. Volumetric Computing

A few months ago in June, Apple debuted the new Vision Pro with its accompanying visionOS (or xrOS) operating system. This technology is a major step forward in computing and offers new opportunities for all to explore new ways to work, create, communicate, and educate. But there’s been another technology that’s advancing and looking to […]

MuseScore — An Example of Principled Design

Laptop featuring a screenshot of MuseScore 4 in action. Software by Muse Group.

Update: Congratulations to MuseScore & Muse Group for winning the Autumn 2023 UX Design Public Choice Award! DESIGN is what can turn a great product into an extraordinary one. Good design isn’t just noticeable, it can make or break the user experience for the end user. For example, desktop and office utilities like calculators, writing […]

Threads Is New To The Block… Will It Stay?

Threads by Instagram Background

THREADS by Instagram is the hottest app right now ranking № 1 in Apple’s App Store’s Social Network category and № 2 in Google’s Play Store Social Networking apps. In response to Twitter’s ongoing turmoil, Meta decided to release Threads to the general public on July 5th, 2023, and according to CEO Mark Zuckerburg quickly […]

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