STIX Golf — What You Need To Learn From This Business's Exemplary Marketing Strategy

The Three Basic Principles You Need to Know

STIX Golf has only been around since 2019 and yet they have caused a major shake-up in the golf business with its explosion in popularity! Stix Golf was created out of the founder’s desire for golf clubs that were of exceptional quality without the heavy price tag associated with it. But how did they accomplish such large growth and expansion online in such a short period of time?

There are three very valuable lessons to learn from Stix Golf’s marketing strategy. In all, these strategies boil down to three things — presentation, quality, and expressed purpose. Let’s expound on these three principles and see how they have propelled Stix Golf’s business into a major success and learn how you can make an application of these basic principles in your business.

An Example In... Presentation

In today’s day and age, your presentation in the online world is what will determine your business’s success. It does not matter what kind of business you own, whether it’s a mechanic shop or a boutique fashion store, your presentation is vital to getting new business.

What Stix Golf does very well in this regard is that it keeps its presentation simple and straight to the point. It’s website features simple design that makes it easy to navigate and explore. From the moment you see their homepage, you’re greeted with tasteful design that’s inviting and easy on the eyes.

In addition to this is Stix’s strategic use of product placement on their website. For example, Stix Golf feature’s their signature product immediately on the homepage: The $799 Classic Set (golf clubs). Coupled with this is a purchase button that immediately takes the potential customer to a place to select the clubs they’d like and make a purchase immediately.

Throughout the process from to finish, Stix makes their website easy to navigate and wastes no time getting their customers to purchase their signature product. At the same time, Stix makes exploring their website easy with tasteful design and navigation on their website.


Did You Know?

Did you know that you have about 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression about your business with your website? According to a 2006 study by Canadian researchers, 50ms is the amount of time you have to make a good first impression about your business with its design alone!

Leveraging Reviews of Their Products

Over time, Stix has had plenty of feedback from the golf community for its exceptional quality, especially among reviewers and critics in the industry. Because of this, Stix has built up a good reputation for their brand online. Outside of Stix’s marketing efforts, their reviewers speak to potential customers for them every time they talk about their golf clubs on their Instagram accounts or YouTube channels. Of course, this is only possible if a business has a solid product, or products, that people love. But if a product is well received, this reflects positively on the brand and spreads a good message about your business even further, which in turn drives in future paying clientele.

Stix Golf Logo

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Clearly Expressing Its Purpose

The third aspect of Stix Golf’s effective marketing strategy is its clear message and purpose. Whether you’re on Stix’s website, social media, or YouTube channel, they make it clear that they’re offering quality golf clubs at a very affordable price, especially for newer players. As part of building their business’s personality, or brand, they make use of good humor and even memes to call attention to their products from their target customers. But even with the memes and humor they use, they never waste an opportunity to make their business’s purpose and product’s purpose clear to the potential customer.

How You Can Apply These Principles To Improve Your Business's Sales-Effectiveness

No matter what type of business your own, making use of good presentation, good feedback from quality, and expressed purpose will drive your success in the online marketplace. If you run a local storefront business, you can make use of Google reviews and Facebook reviews to build a good reputation. If you have customers who frequent your business’s establishment or website, why not ask them at the checkout aisle if they can leave you a review online? And if you’re on social media, share posts of good reviews with your followers and non-followers.

For all businesses, having a well-made website that’s elegantly designed and easy to navigate will encourage visitors to explore and discover your products and services. As experienced business professionals ourselves, we know that value of investing in a high-quality website, and it’s something we desire all good business to have. A great website coupled with a strategic social media marketing campaign and search engine optimization will open many doors of success for your business!

We believe Stix Golf sets a great example of utilizing smart marketing and sales-effectiveness, and it’s something all businesses should learn from. If you’re thinking about starting a business, just opening up shop, or have been around for a while, why not take some time to look at what you can do to improve your business’s sales-effectiveness? We guarantee that if you apply these three simple principles of marketing, you’ll be well on your way to an even more successful business! 


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