This Is The Secret Sauce For A Successful LinkedIn Business Page

Published June 28, 2023
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Every businessperson and entrepreneur is very familiar with using LinkedIn — and probably on there everyday. As of January 2023, in the United States alone there are roughly 200 million LinkedIn users. India trails behind at 99 million and our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom at 35 million, which is roughly half their population. LinkedIn serves as a valuable asset for many users to network with fellow professionals and colleagues, and plenty of users know their way around customizing their personal profiles. But if you own a business, are you using LinkedIn’s special profile pages for companies?

A Profile For A User, A Profile For An Enterprise.

Some business owners may be unfamiliar with creating a Company LinkedIn Page for their business. Some list their business on their personal profile but details about their business may be missing. No business owner would want to miss out on an opportunity to publicly present their brand, right?

LinkedIn Business Pages are accessible to everyone who owns a business and creating a LinkedIn Page for your business is completely free. While having a LinkedIn Business Page is great, knowing how to leverage its hidden features and components is what makes a difference!

How To Properly Configure A LinkedIn Business Page

Like good personal appearance, a clean and orderly presentation makes for a good first impression. This same principle applies to creating a LinkedIn Business Page. This page can help make a good first impression to future customers, clients, or colleagues about your business.

If you’re already a LinkedIn member or user, creating a business page is very easy. (As an important note, it’s strongly suggested to create your LinkedIn Business Page from a desktop computer as mobile options may be limited or non-existent.) If this is your first time creating a LinkedIn Business Page, here is a brief walkthrough.

❖ On the homepage, a grid icon appears to open a menu with options for business. Under LinkedIn Business Services is the option Create a Company Page. Once opened, you will be greeted with three options: Company, Showcase page, and Educational institution. For the purpose of this guide, we’ll choose Company. Or simply click here to go directly to the configuration page.

The initial configuration page for creating a LinkedIn Business Page.
The initial configuration page for creating a LinkedIn Business Page.

❖ Next, you’ll be prompted with a form to fill out the information about your business. Enter the name of your company (if you have a DBA for your business, you can use this instead) along with your company website, the industry your business services, size of your company (how many people you business staffs), and the type of business registered. You’ll also notice a section requesting “Add your unique LinkedIn address“, simply type your business name again with no spaces or use dashes in between words.

❖ Before moving on to the next section, there is a Logo upload and a Tagline field. It is strongly suggested to upload your company logo here. LinkedIn only allows a square logo, so having a company icon here is critical. For the Tagline field, add your company’s motto or slogan.

The Secret Sauce To A Successful LinkedIn Business Page

After you’ve opened up your LinkedIn Business Page, the foundation is laid. Now comes the fun part! Filling your LinkedIn Business Page with rich details is what will set you apart from everyone else. Opening the page editor will allow you to further refine your new or existing page.

Use the Overview description box to your advantage. This area lets you explain what your business is about to the visitor. Don’t be afraid to use dingbats or emojis to spice things up! However, just be sure to use good judgment when using any ornaments so they’re not distracting.

Adding your company’s main phone number, office addresses, the year your business was founded, and listing your business’s specialties will build a professional image of your business and be informative to the visitor.

But here’s the secret sauce to a successful LinkedIn Business Page. Multiple Languages, the Lead Gen Form, and Showcase Pages.

Multilingual Business Pages

If your business serves others who speak a different language, translating your LinkedIn page for viewers of a different language will make a big impression. As of right now, LinkedIn Business Pages support up to 24 other languages. But many commonly spoken languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and both traditional and simplified Chinese are available. Use this to your advantage.

The Lead Generation Form

The second hidden feature available to LinkedIn Business Pages is the Lead Gen Form. The lead generation form provided by LinkedIn is simple but effective. Getting an interested visitor’s warm lead from this contact form can give you an advantage over your competition on LinkedIn.

An example of the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form from Neustart Digital's LinkedIn Business Page.
An example of the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form from Neustart Digital's LinkedIn Business Page.

Showcase Pages

The third hidden feature: Showcase Pages. A Showcase Page is for those who have already made a LinkedIn Business Page. If your business has a special portfolio or a subsidiary, Showcase Pages can be very useful. Showcase Pages are similar to LinkedIn Business Pages, but they’re all managed under your primary company profile. Using these to your advantage can increase exposure for both or more of your business profiles or portfolios while improving the administration and management side of things.

Use Your LinkedIn Business Page For The Long-Term

Post regularly with your LinkedIn Business Page and interact with others as your business. Like, comment, and share posts of others within your company or others. This will help keep your page active and leave a wealth of activity for visitors to read and discover. More importantly, invite others to follow your LinkedIn Business Page and ask your connections and colleagues to support your content when possible.

When posting on your company profile, always use lively content and images, and videos to draw the attention of those who see your business’s posts. And don’t hesitate to share your company’s content either! Your connections and others in the public will have more opportunities to see your informative and fun content.

As your business grows and your presence on LinkedIn grows great, you’ll now have a foundation to take the next step: Advertising your company on LinkedIn. If you’d like to see how Neustart Digital can help you take this next step, reach out to us today for a free consultation!

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