Threads Is New To The Block… Will It Stay?

Published July 17, 2023
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THREADS by Instagram is the hottest app right now ranking № 1 in Apple’s App Store’s Social Network category and № 2 in Google’s Play Store Social Networking apps. In response to Twitter’s ongoing turmoil, Meta decided to release Threads to the general public on July 5th, 2023, and according to CEO Mark Zuckerburg quickly gained 100 million users in just 5 days! No social media platform has ever garnered millions upon millions of users in such a short period of time! Will this new platform by Meta remain successful or will the novelty wear off?

Trends Require Fuel

There is a law every businessperson is familiar with: Trends require fuel. If something goes viral, everyone will see it, talk about it for a few weeks, then fall into obscurity if the fire isn’t fed. This is true for popular YouTube videos, Internet “celebrities”, and trendy apps and software. In the case of Threads, Meta’s new microblogging platform, this new social media website/app is looking to capitalize on Twitter’s struggling business practices and unstable accessibility.

Will Threads be a fad that dies out in a few months? Not likely. Here’s a few reasons why.

Meta Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation

Threads was created and is backed by Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus (a Virtual & Mixed Reality Brand). There’s a reason why Meta is (as of writing this) a 796 billion-dollar company (and currently trading at $310.62 a share at closing today, up from $293 a share about 5 days ago). They have very successful services and products used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Sure, Meta has had its share of failed products and services in the past, but Meta is a company with a very smart marketing team, a team that has surely learned from the company’s past mistakes and errors and is more in tune with its user data and activity. It’s reasonable to say that Meta has done thorough research and development work to make sure the first wave of Threads’ launch is suitable and stable to meet the basic needs of its target user base: Twitter.

Capitalizing On Twitter's Instability

Twitter has been in a severe storm for several years. However, these problems have only gotten worse due to some unforeseen changes within the platform’s accessibility and policies. But Twitter’s biggest problem seems to be its constant involvement in some sort of controversy or outrage, something it has a long history of. This has caused a severe hemorrhage of funding of ad revenue.

There’s rumors that Meta hired ex-Twitter developers to build the new Threads platform, but Meta has rejected those claims saying they never hired anyone from Twitter to build their new Threads platform. There are currently ongoing legal matters between Threads and Twitter about this. Whether Meta lied about hiring old Twitter developers or not remains to be seen.

Threads' Integration With Other Meta Platforms

The reason Threads’ user base grew at breakneck speeds is because of the genius integration of Instagram to create a Threads account. Since late 2021, Meta’s Instagram has had a user base of 2 billion active users. That means 2 in 8 people around the world have an Instagram account. Meta knew that if it incorporated a familiar name like Instagram combined with an easy signup experience with existing Instagram users, they’d have a recipe for success. And that’s exactly what happened!

After downloading the Threads app (and if you’re already signed into your Instagram account on your phone), anyone can create a Threads profile takes a matter of seconds. It will copy all of your followers, your profile picture, your profile bio, and links, and move all of that to Threads seamlessly. Switching back and forth between Threads and Instagram is incredibly easy too with icons available on both apps to switch to anyone’s (or your own) Threads profile instantly.

Threads advantage is its easy integration with Instagram.
Threads advantage is its easy integration with Instagram.

Threads' Future

If Meta plays its cards right, gets the comparable features from Twitter added to Threads, and gets matters ironed out with the European Union Data Policy, it’s very possible it will be a strong and enduring competitor to Twitter. The platform is incredibly easy to use and has seamless integration with Instagram. Hopefully, Meta will add a business suite to manage Threads’ profiles like Facebook and Instagram soon. If you’re a business owner, Threads is definitely worth checking out and learning.

Don’t forget to follow @neustartdigital on Threads!

Neustart Digital has officially joined Threads by Instagram.
Neustart Digital has officially joined Threads by Instagram.

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