What Is Branding? Here’s The Simplest Answer You’ll Ever Get.

Published September 12, 2022
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Current Ideas And Claims About Branding

MORE often than not, most articles or social media posts online will tell you all sorts of ideas of what branding is or what it’s supposed to be in the most confusing and convoluted manner possible. Some might say that branding is supposed to mean creating a perception of your company, creating a “gut feeling” about your company for your customer, legal trademarking, or some other definition. While some elements of these sayings are true, they don’t paint the real picture of what branding actually is. But the reality is, branding is incredibly easy to understand once we know the full picture.

What Branding Actually Is

Simply put, a brand is a company’s personality. One’s personality is embodied by their values, qualities, ideas, actions, sense of style, and way of speaking. A personality is always unique to the individual; it’s their identity. That being the case, a brand is to a company what a personality is to an individual. So in business, when someone is discussing how to build a brand for their company, what their really asking is: what will our business’s personality be like? What values do we embody as a company? What identifying name and mark (logo) will we give our company? Will our company have a good reputation, one known to be welcoming, responsible, and honest to our clientele and associates? Building a brand doesn’t just start with finding a logo, it starts with asking questions about what qualities and values the business will be known for.

How To Build A Brand For Your Company

A business’s brand, or personality, is the sum of the collective personalities who’ve created or currently run the business. This involves absolutely everyone in the business from executive management all the way to the salesperson closing deals. They all play a part in painting the picture of the business’s personality. So, the first part of building a good brand for your company starts with the founding team’s values and qualities. If they value honesty, integrity, innovation, or something else, their company’s personality (its brand) will reflect that.

But a sense of style is also important! Everyone has a unique sense of style in dress, speech, and presentation. A unique and memorable name, recognizable color palette, and presentation make brands recognizable to the eye and separate them from everyone else. However, the best brands are known to be consistent with their identity in both values and presentation. But there’s one more thing. A brand also requires protection!

Building A Brand Guide From Neustart Digital

Guarding Your Business's Unique Personality

As soon as you are able to, always register a trademark and other legal protection for your business, its name, domains, logo(s), and likeness. Whether this is done on an international or national scale, always protect your business. Not protecting your brand can leave your business vulnerable to losing its identity to malevolent individuals or groups who present legal challenges against your business. This is an especially common tactic used among malicious and spiteful competitors who wish to slander, destroy, or steal a company’s identity.

Work With Experienced Brand Builders

For most businesses, it would be best to work with those experienced in helping companies build strong and reputable brands. Many of these experienced brand builders have far more tools and resources to help with building and defending a long-lasting brand. If you’re starting a business or you’re already making plenty of progress, why not look to such professionals for assistance in making your business even more successful with a good brand?

But even with a good and strong brand, you’ll need to market and advertise it to others! That’s where professionals like us here at Neustart Digital come in. We help to promote and expand the reach of a business’s brand through digital marketing on social media and search engines. If you’d like to see how we can help in this regard, explore neustartdigital.net and our portfolio of clients we’ve worked with.

Overall, we hope that we’ve been able to provide a clear and simple answer to what branding really is and the principles involved with building a good brand. If you’re just starting a business, take a look at one very good example of branding from Stix Golf Co. They’re a great example of an up-and-coming brand that’s applied these principles and made a successful business out of them!


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